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Grand Gables

This is the largest room in the “Castle”. You must experience this room to believe it. The colors are soft; rust, copper, and champagne. The gabled ceiling rises to 15 feet, and ceiling fans add to the romance.

Grand Turret

The largest turret in the “Castle” houses a round Jacuzzi for two. This room was once part of the deco-ballroom of the 1940’s. Now a king sized bed, replicated from the Hearst Castle, is the main attraction to this room.

Artist Loft

The Artist Loft is very light and elegant. The wall coverings feature Michelangelo’s famous painting of “The Creation of Adam”. The king sized bed of copper and iron is a work of art in its own right. One of our favorites, the bathroom is quite lovely.

Park Place

Sage green and muted burgundy provide a serene environment unmatched anywhere else in the home. A traditional queen size Charleston Rice Poster bed faces the fireplace. The bathroom’s corner whirlpool tub comfortably accommodates.

Tropical Nights

As the name implies, this room could be on a deserted island. A carved, queen sized, four poster bed and ornate wicker and rattan furniture accents this spacious room. The slow churn of the ceiling fan sets the evening’s mood.